Meet Stephenie

Stephenie has been a nationally board certified Reflexologist since 2003 and has worked on hundreds of pairs of feet and completed 1000’s of case studies on clients  in Central Arkansas.  She is an educator, practitioner of Reflexology and massage therapy, continuing education provider, and a public speaker.  Currently, Stephenie serves on the MTTAC for the AR Department of Health and is on the Board of Directors of Alzheimer’s Arkansas.  She is a fund-raiser for not only Alz AR, but Camp Aldersgate, Meals on Wheels for Helena/West Helena Dogs and a few other charities.

She is one of only 6 ARCB Board Certified Reflexologists in the state of Arkansas.  She holds certification in both the feet and hands.  She is the only person offering a full certification program here in Arkansas as well.

Her passion lies in her clinical work with clients as well as in the classroom educating others.  A self-proclaimed “FootFanatic,” her goal is to spread the good news of what body work, especially Reflexology, can do for you … in all areas of this journey called  life!