Actual Clients of A Nurturing Touch Reflexology & Massage (used with permission)

I first went to Stephenie with a kidney stone that would not pass.  I was at my wits end.  The only thing that traditional medicine had to offer was painful and invasive  treatment and I wanted to avoid that if at all possible. My problem started in August while on vacation.  I felt the familiar flank pain and knew what was in store. The pain finally stopped after several hours and I just waited to pass the stone that I assumed was now in my bladder. Before, the stones I’d had would pass in a day or two.  That didn’t happen this time.  Once home from vacation, I felt better, but not really good.  Since the symptoms were gone, I figured it had passed and I just didn’t see it.  In September,  I started having symptoms of what I thought was a bad bladder infection.  So started on antibiotics.  After two rounds, I still had symptoms and a positive test. This is the point where I contacted Stephanie.  By this time, I was pretty sure the it was the un- passed stone that was causing symptoms and not an infection.  The reason I decided to try reflexology is because every time I had a spasm I felt it in my kidney/bladder and the bottom of my foot in the area that corresponds to the urinary tract.  I thought that was very odd.  After my first session, the foot pain eased up and the symptoms of uti stopped.  But before my second session they started again.  After the second session, they once again stopped for a day, then started up and were worse than ever.  The day after the session,  I passed two smallish stones.  Then the next day passed the one that I believe was causing all the trouble.  It was huge and had apparently been lodged in an area called the bladder tunnel.   It is my belief that the reflexology got the stones moving so that they passed. Aside from the kidney stone relief,the other benefits have been an over all feeling of wellbeing, reduction in anxiety and the ability to relax more.  While I’m on the table I drift off to a place that is so peaceful!  I highly recommend it to anyone!  Deanna – Little Rock, AR

My experience as a client of Stephenie Cooke has been beneficial in two ways.  First, as a total mode of relaxation, the Reflexology allows me to be quiet in my body and mind.  Secondly, as a form of alternative medicine, sensitive reflex areas have indicated dis-ease in my physical body before my doctors even knew.  Spending time with Stephenie is time and money well spent.  Liz – Maumelle, AR

Of all the massages and health treatments I have had in my lifetime, Reflexology was the turning point to a healthier pain-free life. Jo – Little Rock, AR

Reflexology gives me lots of energy. It also tells where I have an illness or infection over parts of my body. After major surgery reflexology helps with the circulation through out my body. Linda – Conway, AR

Reflexology creates a level of relaxation and rejuvenation for me that I have not been able to achieve through other types of body work or meditation. Penny – Conway, AR

I first saw Stephenie as a therapist when I had reached the end of my endurance with western medicine in trying to control the symptoms of a debilitating lung disease. Within 3 months of regular weekly sessions, I was able to reduce my 9 medications to 4 and after 8 months, I only have need of an occasional rescue med when I am directly exposed to an irritant. She always has an upbeat smile and her consistent, professional and kind hands applied to my feet, literally saved my “breathe”. It also motivated me to take her certification classes to become a reflexologist myself. Gail – Bismarck, AR

Thank you so much for helping overcome my headaches. When you first started working on me I was very miserable, and had migraines almost everyday. Now I have been headache free for over a year. I attribute my recovery to your dedicated work and care. Thanks again.   Jeff – Little Rock, AR

Continuing Education (used with permission)

Stephenie is a very high energy instructor who obviously loves what she does.  I appreciate her time and energy for these classes.  The more I learn, the more I want to learn!  I hope she comes to Fayetteville for more classes.  I am absolutely certain this is going to be life changing for me and those I serve.      Raina – Fayetteville

Stephenie Cooke is an experienced and passionate reflexology course instructor.  Her teaching methods demonstrate not only her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter but also her focused dedication and enthusiasm to this most valuable healing modality.   Adelle Hutchins – Fayetteville

My companion, Suzanne, and I took the Reflexology and Related Modalities – A Foundation in Foot Reflexology (Phase I) as well as the Phase II follow-up a couple of weeks ago. Admittedly, we had an interest in this form of treatment, but we were literally blown away by the material – enlightening, informative, incredible! The power, and utter efficiency of this modality is incomparable. And, Stephenie Cooke is THE BEST instructor I have had (including my time in grade school, high school, college, and port-graduate)! If you have even a cursory interest in reflexology, you would greatly benefit from this foundational course. We are ready for the next step! Michael Irby – Altus, AR

This was an A+ seminar! Stephenie’s style is approachable, charismatic, enthusiastic, hands-on, and informative. The hand-outs and references are excellent. Earning my CEUs this time was pleasurable and fun. Suzanne – Altus, AR

Her classes are engaging and thoroughly prepared.  She really is a gifted teacher.  With God’s Blessing, I hope to one day be the therapist and mentor to others that she has been for me. Gail – Bismarck, AR